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my e30 acs s3 project

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Topic: my e30 acs s3 project
Posted By: e30bmlover
Subject: my e30 acs s3 project
Date Posted: 20-August-2008 at 16:37

i hope this is the right forum..

ok, iv owned my sterling silver e30 for about three years, she started life as a 320i se with all the options ticked.. now she has a healthy 87 325 engine in running on facelift monotronic, 320 gearbox(same ratios as a sport box) and a 3.64 lsd.

my goal is to make the car a s3 replica, i already have some 16'' fully polished type 1 schnitzers as seen in this pic....

i now have a complete schnitzer aero kit  as seen in these pics..

my friend is a sprayer and will be doing the kit for me for the price of materials which is a bonus.

i have another friend who works as a vynal designer and fitter, i gave him some really good pictures of the schnitzer stripes and he is going to replicate them for me.

i have a acquaintance in germany who has a set of schnitzer wing mirrors on hold for me. iv just got to get my hands on a steering wheel and strut brace! and maybe a rossiter built 2.7(only 4 were done by rossiters)

i know the s3's were normally black... but hey... you cant have it all! watch this space for developments.

the e30 facelift schnitzer aero kit is complete!

Posted By: Sporty1
Date Posted: 20-August-2008 at 17:32
Interesting, look forward to the finished results.


Sport Evolution Schwarz #043

Posted By: PaulS
Date Posted: 20-August-2008 at 20:38
Nice Tim, can't wait to see it in the flesh when it's done


95 E34 530i V8 Auto Maldives Blue

Posted By: e30bmlover
Date Posted: 21-August-2008 at 16:24
dont worry paul you will be the first to see it, i still have a bit of work to do to her yet though.. as you know ralph stephan rebuilt and put the engine in which im very happy with... it made 172 bhp and 165lbft on the rollers at clive attowes... and its not running 100% i have a short spark on cylinder 2, the revs go up and down a tiny bit, i had the same problem with my 320 engine(the only thing left from the 320 engine is the gearbox and engine+injector loom).. iv had a new icv, afm, leads, obviously the injectors are different, so i have bought a good second hand engine loom+injector loom that im going to swap over(dont know how but i will find a way) hopefully this will cure the problem, i will also check all the ground points on the car especially the engine earth strap... if i decide to keep the b25 engine it will get supercharged by A-tec at some point.

the e30 facelift schnitzer aero kit is complete!

Posted By: PaulS
Date Posted: 22-August-2008 at 09:39
Thats a good power figure for the 12v 325 lump - we're also thinking of hosting a rolling road day at Clive atthowes just guaging interest on PBMW and bmwland at the moment, but Scholesy probably has it on e36 coupe as well. Whats your experience of Clive Atthowe been as I've heard mixed reviews about him


95 E34 530i V8 Auto Maldives Blue

Posted By: e30bmlover
Date Posted: 22-August-2008 at 14:33

lol paul... you dont win bosch technician of the year for nothing.. hes really good.. always been good for me anyway, i take mine once a year for a crypton tune... i know the cars in good hands with him..

here is the youtube video of the run... -

171.8 was the figure... the engine had done 130k apparently.. i still had it stripped down, the original honing marks on the bores were second to none.. the head wasnt even decked.

the e30 facelift schnitzer aero kit is complete!

Posted By: e30bmlover
Date Posted: 02-October-2008 at 11:58

just a quick update... i have added the samller ac schnitzer steering wheel to the car....


also the genuine badge for the boot...

all is good... not long now before the kit will be fitted.. the prep work is done just got to get my friend to spray it.

the e30 facelift schnitzer aero kit is complete!

Posted By: M3sportEvo
Date Posted: 08-October-2008 at 23:37

very nice. I did my (ex) e30 M3SportEvo as fully 'schnitzerised' which has appeared in the bmw cc mags/ gaydon concours etc so appreciate what it takes to locate genuine acs bits.

having same with my current Z3MC and have just had set of floor mats made special order which Iam most pleased with the help of Rossiters and Oliver at ACS Aachen.

keep up the good work. oops nearly forgot to mention I do have single-wiper set up with genuine twin-blade ACS wiper it has never been fitted but looks to dogs. will sell if interested.

Posted By: Retro-Marc
Date Posted: 02-November-2008 at 02:42
sweet, should look awesome when it's done

E30 325i Sport - For Sale

Posted By: timemachinE30
Date Posted: 14-December-2014 at 01:39
Where are the final photos?!

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